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About us

Praxis Labs increases diversity and inclusion outcomes through research-backed VR learning experiences.

Research has shown that first person perspective-taking in VR can increase empathy, reduce bias, and encourage the adoption of more inclusive behaviors. We’re reimagining diversity and inclusion trainings to create sustainable change for individuals and organizations.



What We Do.


Researched curriculum

Each training modules is research-backed and data-driven trainings. We collaborate directly with research institutions to design curriculum specifically for diversity and bias trainings.

High-Quality Experiences

Engaging technological experiences are proven to outperform traditional methods. Our expert developers and designers create production level material.

Standardized Metrics

Along with our curriculum and training, we provide quantifiable metrics to see improved understanding and empathy of implicit bias within the workplace.

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Who We Are.

Our Team.

We care deeply about helping organizations become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We have experience in diversity and inclusion research and strategies, VR development, curriculum creation, and machine learning.


Elise Smith

Elise is a Stanford joint degree student pursuing an MBA & MA in Education. She has developed early iterations of Watson for Education products, and led B2B business development at IBM Watson. Elise has also been a funder at a philanthropic venture fund where she invested in entrepreneurs advancing diversity & inclusion strategies and developed unconscious bias trainings.


Heather Shen

Heather has an Electrical Engineering Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degree from Stanford University and has previously worked at NASA on computer and synthetic vision. She also designed augmented reality (AR) hardware for the Hololens headset team at Microsoft. Last summer, she worked at Bain, integrating her passion for technology with project management and strategy.


Melina Lopez

Melina is majoring in Product Design with a minor in Computer Science at Stanford. She is an experienced VR developer and codes 3D models and experiences at the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Melina founded the Stanford SIGGRAPH chapter for computer graphics and interactive techniques, and is also an artist, which informs her code and design work.


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